Sl No Order Placed by Order No. & DateDescription and Qty. of ordered equipment.
1Electronics Corpn. Of India Ltd.E/001, Dt.30-06-95.5 KVA
2Electronics Corpn. Of India Ltd.ECIL/PUR/IG/C-7179(21)/V/7330, Dt.30-03-95.4 KVA
3Electronics Corpn. Of India Ltd.ECIL/PUR/IG/C-7179(21)/V/6282, Dt.07-07-94.-95.4 KVA (2 Nos)
4Electronics Corpn. Of India Ltd.ECIL/PUR/IG/C-7179(01)/V/4249, Dt.08-10-92.4 KVA (8 Nos)
5Electronics Corpn. Of India Ltd.ECIL/PUR/IG/C-7179(01)/V/3494, Dt.25-02-92.4 KVA (8 Nos)
6Electronics Corpn. Of India Ltd.ECIL/PUR/SED/C-9621/K/0625, Dt.15-02-2000.15 KVA
7Atomic Minerals Division.HRPU/AMD/CAP/219/97-98/413, Dt.23-01-98.7.5 KVA
8Atomic Minerals Division.HRPU/CO/AMD/GI/1296/VI/294, Dt.23-01-98.6 KVA (3 Nos)
9Atomic Minerals Division.HRPU/CO/AMD/GI/1036/VI/55, Dt.20-05-93.15 KVA (2 Nos)
10Atomic Minerals Division.HRPU/CO/HWP/ELECT/GI/2011/IV/1814, Dt.03-04-92.10 KVA
11Atomic Minerals Division.HRPU/CO/AMD/GI/918/IV/281, Dt.31-01-92.10 KVA
12Atomic Minerals Division.AMD/EEQ/15/2000-2001/49, Dt.07-07-2000.10 KVA
13Atomic Minerals Division.DPS/03/CAP/13162/PO/15696, Dt.06-12-02.15 KVA (2 Nos)
14Atomic Minerals Division. (Order released on our principals M/s.Rohini Electro-Tech Pvt. Ltd.)DPS/03/CAP/1382/PO/15523, Dt.18--04-2001.15 KVA (4 Nos)
15Atomic Minerals Division. (Order released on our principals M/s.Rohini Electro-Tech Pvt. Ltd.)DPS/03/CAP/1382/PO/15572, Dt.02-11-2001.15 KVA (2 Nos)
16Girijan Co-op. Corpn. Ltd.108-A/92/G2, Dt.29-12-92.10 KVA (4 Nos).
17Girijan Co-op. Corpn. Ltd.108-A/92/G2, Dt.12-07-93.10 KVA (2 Nos).
18Girijan Co-op. Corpn. Ltd.108-A/92/G2, Dt.29-12-92.6 KVA
19Girijan Co-op. Corpn. Ltd.108-A/92/G2, Dt.25-07-93.7.5 KVA
20Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Hyd.M2 93 F080, Dt.21-09-93.7.5 KVA
21Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., Hyd.6 KVA D.G.Sets.6 Nos.
22Postal Dept., Sets delivered in Districts.PMG(H)/SEC/5-23/1, Dt.27-03-96.5 KVA (10 Nos).
23S.S.P.O., Secunderabad Division.J2/GEN/SDDN/97,Dt.20-08-97. 5 KVA (3 Nos).
24S.S.P.O.,Hyd. South East Division.J2/22/96-97, Dt.21-03-97.5 KVA (3 Nos).
25S.S.P.O.,Hyd. City Division.J2/Generator/97, Dt.01-05-97.5 KVA (6 Nos).
26Postal Dept., Kurnool Division.PMGK/BD-GEN-III/96-97, 21-03-97.5 KVA (11 Nos).
27Postal Dept., Kurnool Division.MMS/MSS/97-98/KNL/Generators, Dt.24-03-98.5 KVA, 7.5 KVA
28Postal Dept., Kurnool Division.PMGK/Stock/Gen/98, Dt.26-03-99.5 KVA (5 Nos).
29Postal Dept., Kurnool Division.PMGK/Stock/Gen/99, Dt.30-03-99.10 KVA
30Postal Dept., Hyderabad Region.PMG(H)/SDC/5-23, Dt.31-03-99.10 KVA (2 Nos)
31Postal Dept., Hyderabad Region.PMG(H)/SDC/5-23, Dt.08-03-2000.10 KVA (2 Nos)
32Central Water Commission, Red Hills, Hyderabad.UGD/JE-Hqs/HP/98-99/1412-16, Dt.01-03-2000.10 KVA
33The Superintendent, Osmania General Hospital, Afzalgunj, Hyderabad.M1/OGH/Nep/Gr/2000/504, Dt.20-06-2000.15 KVA
34N.C.C.F of India Ltd. (For Charminar Monument).NCCF/HYD/GM/2003-04/2895, Dt.11-12-03.7.5 KVA
35GAIL (India) Ltd., Rajahmundry.GAIL/RJY/C&P/CM(C&P)/ID20020108/PL/2003/27, Dt.14-11-03.7.5 KVA
36The Forest Geneticist, Forest Dept. Warangal. (For Achuthapuram and Kesamudram Research Labs).364/2003/DM, Dt.17-12-03.10 KVA (2 Nos)
37A.P.T.D.C.Ltd.,Himayatnagar, Hyd.TDC/MP/068/04, Dt.23-11-04.7.5 KVA
38A.P.T.D.C.Ltd.,Himayatnagar, Hyd.TDC/MP/075/04, Dt.23-11-04.10 KVA
39A.P.S.Agro Industries Development Corpn. Ltd., Saifabad, Hyderabad.LD/2082/DA/Sl.No.39/04-05, Dt.15-02-05.10 KVA (4 Nos) with Acoustic Enclosure. (Ananthapur, Warangal, Rajendranagar & Eluru.
40N.C.C.F.of India Ltd., Ramkote, Hyd.NCCF/HYD/GM/2005-06/4310, Dt.27-02-06.15 KVA (2 Nos) with Acoustic Enclosure.(Ongole & Adilabad).
41The Superintendent Engineer, TL&SS/Hyd.Circle/APTRANSCO, Erragadda, Hyderabad.48/2005-06CE/TL&SS/Hyd/ADE(O&M)AE(P)/F/D.No.2509/2005, Dt.18-03-06.10 KVA (2 Nos) with Acoustic (For Mahaboobnagar & Dindi).
42GAIL (India) Ltd., Rajahmundry.GAIL/RJY/C&P/CM(C&P)/ID20020108/PL/2003/10, Dt.05-05-03.7.5 KVA (5 Nos) with AMF Panel & Acoustic Enclosure.
43Postal Dept., Sets delivered in twin cited.SDC/15-20/96, Dt.28-03-96.12.5 KVA, 7.5 KVA (5 Nos), 5 KVA (4 Nos) 10 KVA.
44The Purchase Manager, ISD Purchase, E.C.I.L, Kushaiguda, Hyderabad.ECIL/ISD/PUR/C-7179(01)/V/6332, Dt.08-08-06.7.5 KVA (4 Nos)
45A.P.Police Academy, Himayatsagar, Hyderabad.P.O.No.--Nil-- Dt:26-08-1015 KVA
46A.P.Police Academy, Himayatsagar, Hyderabad.HRPU/AMD/CAP/219/97-98/413, Dt.23-01-98.20 KVA
47D.L.R.L.,Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad.20 KVA D.G.Sets.2 Nos.
48N.F.T.D.C., Kanchanbagh, Hyd.NFTDC/MM/P/7021/41/94/169, Dt.10-02-95. 62.5 KVA
49N.F.T.D.C., Kanchanbagh, Hyd.NFTDC/MM/P/7027/12/94/157, Dt.30-12-94. 125 KVA
50D.L.R.L, Chandrayangutta, Hyd.DLRL/ST/999/20010318,Dt.05-12-0135 KVA With Trailer & Canopy
51D.L.R.L, Chandrayangutta, Hyd.DLRL/ST/20020082,,Dt.22-05-02.35 KVA With Trailer & Canopy
52SRT Rural Institute, Jalalpur Village, Nalgonda Dist.SRTRI/D.G./27/2003/177,Dt.14-05-03.62.5 KVA
53RITES Ltd., Guntur.RITES/SC/LOI/EPFO/GNT/DGS, Dt.03-11-03.63 KVA
54SRT Rural Institute, Jalalpur Village, Nalgonda Dist.SRTRI/D.G./27/2003/346, Dt.16-09-03.62.5 KVA
55N.C.C.F of India Ltd. (For Archaeological Survey of India Gardens, Nagarjuna Sagar).NCCF/HYD/GM/2003-04/2895, Dt.11-12-03.50 KVA
56The Commissioner, Municipal Council, Karimnagar.Lr.No.1486/E2/02, Dt.19-01-04.500 KVA
57Atomic Minerals Division.HRPU/AMD/CAP/567/2003-04/117, Dt.10-04-04.30 KVA
58A.P.T.D.C.Ltd.,Himayatnagar, Hyd.TDC/MP/095/03, Dt.03-06-04.40 KVA (2 Nos)
59Oil & Natural Gas Corpn. Ltd., Rajahmundry.P.O.No.4010006877, Dt.20-08-04.63 KVA With Trailer & Canopy.
60A.P.T.D.C.Ltd.,Himayatnagar, Hyd.TDC/MP/095/03, Dt.13-09-04.160 KVA
61A.P.T.D.C.Ltd.,Himayatnagar, Hyd.TDC/MP/036/04, Dt.06-11-04.125 KVA (3 Nos) with AMF Panel & Acoustic Enclosure.
62A.P.T.D.C.Ltd.,Himayatnagar, Hyd.TDC/MP/371/04, Dt.09-11-04.40 KVA
63RailTel Corpn. Of India Ltd., Railnilayam, Secunderabad.RCIL/SR/Tender/2004-05/13, Dt.09-12-04.62.5 KVA
64A.P.T.D.C.Ltd.,Himayatnagar, Hyd.TDC/MP/067/04, Dt.23-11-04.20 KVA with AMF
65A.P.T.D.C.Ltd.,Himayatnagar, Hyd.TDC/MP/016/05, Dt.16-06-05.40 KVA (2 Nos) with Acoustic Enclosure.
66A.P.T.D.C.Ltd.,Himayatnagar, Hyd.TDC/MP/036/05, Dt.31-08-05.125 KVA
67The Joint Transport Commissioner & Secretary, RTA, Hyderabad.Procgs.No.15859/F4/HC/2005-3, Dt.02-03-06.125 KVA
68N.C.C.F.of India Ltd., Ramkote, Hyd.273, Dt.21-04-07.30 KVA & 20 KVA with Acoustic Enclosure.(Kadapa).
69Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.P.O.No.Nil, Dt.12-04-07.35 KVA
70Advanced systems Laboratory, KanchanBagh, Hyderabad.P.O.No.ASL/31/07/4022/13/0047, Dt:26-11-2007.30 KVA
71Hindustan Aeronatics limited,H.A.L.Post, Hyderabad.P.O.No.HAL/HD/PUR/1M/3424/2712554,Dt:29-01-2008.100 KVA
72The State Chief Commissioner,Domalguda , HyderabadP.O.No.-- Nil -- Dt:24-07-08.20 KVA
73Bison canteen,Lal Bazar cantonment, SecunderabadP.O.No.22017/Gen/Q, Dt:27-12-08.30 KVA
74Bison canteen,Lal Bazar cantonment, SecunderabadP.O.No.22017/Gen/Q, Dt:27-12-08.40 KVA
75National Research Centre For Sorghrum, Rajendra Nagar, HyderabadP.O.No.1-363/08-09/ST., Dt:30-03-0982.5 KVA
76 A.P.Police Academy, HyderabadP.O.No.310/08-09, Dt:14-04-09160 KVA
77Andhra Pradesh State Film Television & Theatre Development Corporation Ltd., A.C.Guards, Hyderabad.P.O.No.: FDC/CA/Generator/2009-219, Dt:06-05-9160 KVA
78Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.CDACH/L/09/856 , Dt:03-06-09.125 KVA
79A.P.Police Academy, Himayatsagar, Hyderabad.P.O.No.105/09-10, Dt:29-12-2009.250 KVA
80Department of Atomic Energy, Devarakonda, Nalgonda Dist.P.O.No.DPS/AMPU/CAP/323/PO/ 4278, Dt:15-04-2010.45 KVA
81A.P.Police Academy, Himayatsagar, Hyderabad.P.O.No.208/09-10 Dt:23-04-10250 KVA
82The Commandnet Officer, Unit 823, Care of 56 APO, Pin - 935 016.P.O.No. 300501/692-32/Bdgt/04,Dt:30-11-1115 KVA
83The Commandnet Officer, Unit 823, Care of 56 APO, Pin - 935 016.P.O.No. 300501/692-32/Bdgt/04, Dt:30-11-115 KVA
84Office of the Commissioner, Panchayat Raj & Rural Employment.Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Urdu Hall Lane, Himayathnagar, Hyderabad.62.5 KVA
85Telangana State Fire Service & Civil Defence Training institute, Vattinagulapally, Hyderabad.Rc No: 4108/TSFS & CDTI/2014, Dt: 16-01-2015.40 KVA
86Indira Kranthi Patham Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty, O/o SERP, Telangana. P.O.No: 19/TS/SERP/Admn-Proc/Generator/2014-15. Dt: 05-05-2015.40 KVA
87Electronics Corporation of India Limited, A Govt of India Enterprise, IT&TG - Purchase Department, ECIL P.O. Hyderabad.P.O.No: ECIL/PUR/C-4363(40)/6-9088, Date: 05-JUL-2018.40 KVA